Return & Refund

If you are not satisfied with your unisex shirt, kimono, or any other limited edition piece, or would like to change for another one, Slowing will be by your side to support you.

We must highlight that we only have a maximum of 30 pieces per pattern, meaning that it might happen that you would like to change, for instance, the size, but there’s none left. In that case, we encourage you to choose another pattern.

Exchanges are free of charges.

If you would like to return, it’s possible as well. Please return your item by post and as soon as we receive it, we will transfer your money back. In this case, we will charge you 10€/10chf to cover packaging and delivering expenses.

In both cases, is essential that garments keep their tags attached.

Procedure for a return or exchange item

  1. Write us an email with your data (name, address and item to be exchange/return) to ask@slowing.sho

  2. Send your item to the following address:

Rosenstrasse 8, 8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland

If our packaging is still okay, you may reuse it, if not, you can use a different one.

Do you need to include any document/order slip?

No, it is not necessary. Just the item with the tags on it.

Is there a limited time frame in which a return or exchange can be completed?

Yes, there is! From the moment you receive it, you will have 15 days to do it.

Who pays for shipping?

Sorry fella, you do it!