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We are Slowing. A gender-neutral, ethical, and genuinely sustainable fashion brand!
Our profound commitment to nature, art, and community pushes us to strive to empower women, provide excellent working conditions, and keep the heritage of ancestral techniques alive. Our eco-friendly materials are ethically sourced and traced, and we are keen to reduce our carbon footprint at every possible touchpoint. Our unisex shirts are limited edition; we only produce 30 pieces each, so you can stand from the crowd while we keep protecting mother-earth.

A Better World

We empower you to be you. Do what brings you joy, have fun your way, love whom you want to love, and bring it in for a hug. We’re here to make you look good doing all the things you do. Let’s take care of each other and this beautiful place that we call home.

In this world, we are only visitors. Let´s keep this house clean and safe.

a better world
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Low Environmental Impact

Our textiles are certified and ethically resourced. Sustainable practices are the foundation of our entire manufacturing process, and we reduce consumption at every possible touchpoint.

Respect and Trust

From suppliers and workers to shops and individual buyers, we strive to honor and value the entire Slowing community.

natural dyes

Vegetable Dyes

For the sake of our ocean and environmental protection, we use natural dyes instead of chemical ones.

Our vegan clothes are dyed with natural colors provided by plants, fruits, and flowers, making them 100% biodegradable.

Chemical dyes are aggressive polluting agents, one of the worse in this industry, including aluminum, caustic soda, and metal salts.

Every year, about 200,000 tons of these dyes make their way into the water system and remain in the environment due to their high stability to light, temperature, water, chemicals, soap, etc. Every time we use our laundry machines, the ink that is washed out also adds another polluting asset to our oceans.

Natural dyes are not only a better option for the environment; they are also healthier and safer for our skin. Furthermore, our vegan clothing is also free from harmful chemicals and carcinogenic components.